Pour chien anxieux : la veste à câlins…

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30 Dogs Spayed on World Spay Day 2016!

Animal Nepal's Blog

Chapagaun, Lalitpur, February 23, 2016- Longer lives, improved health, better behavior and controlled population. These are some of those countless benefits of spaying and neutering dogs. It has also been proven that spaying and neutering is the only solution to everyday abuse and suffering of dogs who struggles to live on street.

Animal Nepal in coordination with Vajra Varahi, local clinic of Chapagaun conducted a spay/Neuter camp this World Spay Day with the aim of sterilizing 30 dogs from the area. The two days camp conducted on February 22 and 23 sterilized 16 dogs on first day and remaining dogs on second day.

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Some years ago, a film star named Salman Khan and his friends went hunting for a protected species of deer called Chinkara. He shot the deer’s legs and then, as she dragged herself to escape, he chased her and slowly slit her throat. He left her there. Some days later he did it again and again and again. He was caught by a vigilante group of animal protectors and cases against him were registered. Witnesses disappeared and other witnesses turned hostile because they were offered a role in his films.

While the Indian laws say that he has to be convicted for 5-7 years , in the first case he was convicted for one year and came out triumphantly, throwing his shirt to his fans . A year later he was convicted for the second case and given five years. He spent a total of 6 days in jail and…

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Hey, Congress~Leave Those Wolves Alone


U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyoming) won passage of an amendment which would strip federal protection for endangered gray wolves in Wyoming and the Great Lakes states onto the so-called Sportsmen’s Act in Congress (.S. 659).

Barrassos’ amendment  mirrors a bill he recently introduced with Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) and would subvert two federal court rulings, legislatively removing wolves from the federal list of endangered species for purely political reasons. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) also secured an amendment to block a proposed new rule from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service which would limit predator control in national wildlife refuges. This proposed rule, which I encourage you to support here, would stop the worst predator control and killing practices on national wildlife refuges in Alaska, such as brown bear baiting, and aerial gunning of wolves.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service stripped federal protections from gray wolves in Michigan, Wisconsin…

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